Manufacturing teams help mark milestone anniversary

Manufacturing teams help mark milestone anniversary

Staff from Plymouth Community Homes’ Manufacturing Team have played a major part in helping the city celebrate 90 years of the British Legion.

Workers from the department’s Sign and Metal Fabrication Shops have jointly produced the flag sculpture which is currently sitting on the Hoe.

The 14 ft tall metal artwork consists of five flags, each with a different design and representing the Royal Navy, Royal Air Force, Army, Royal Marines and Royal British Legion.

The sign shop printed the graphics and applied them to the flags before they were fitted to the poles, which their colleagues in metal fabrication made.

The work is part of an ongoing contract for Plymouth City’s Council’s parks department.

The artwork – which shows the city’s strong links to the armed forces – sits alongside a red poppy garden on the Hoe.

As well as the Sign and Metal Fabrication Shops, the Manufacturing Team, based at Prince Rock, consists of the Window Factory, Joinery Shop and Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) Service.

The team has never been busier – it has just taken on a new window fabricator and is currently looking to recruit extra staff in the Metal Fabrication Shop and an additional Sign Maker.

The Manufacturing Team makes new products for Plymouth Community Homes’ tenants – such as windows and doors – and also responds to emergency repairs.

But it also contributes outside of PCH with workload coming from private customers across the city – like the contract for the city council’s parks service.

It’s not just big companies and corporations who are customers though – as one student found out recently.

The photography student had to do a final presentation as part of her degree and needed to display some images at an exhibition in London.

Mark Powell, Sign Shop Manager, explained: “The customer had been searching for someone capable of putting the photos on boards.

“She didn’t find anyone suitable but then someone put her in touch with us. We talked through what she was looking to achieve.

“We produced five prints on foam board in total – a big one and four smaller ones – using our new UV flat-bed printer.

“We had some good feedback from the student’s mum. She said the exhibition had gone well and there was lots of interest. She even had a couple of job offers off the back of it and I believe her tutor was trying to persuade her to stay on and do a postgraduate course instead of taking a job.

“Lots of people were asking her where she got the prints done.”

Greg Tooze, Manufacturing Services Manager, added: “It’s great that we have had a part to play in helping the British Legion celebrate 90 years and that our work is on display to the hundreds of people who visit the Hoe every day.

“We’re also pleased to have assisted a student in successfully completing her degree.

“It just shows the high standard of our services and of our skilled craftsmen, who offer personal attention to detail.

“Everything we produce is built to last using the highest-quality materials from sustainable sources.”

For a competitive quote from the Manufacturing Team, contact 0800 032 3401. To find out more about services offered by the Sign Shop, go to:

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