New group set to help residents of North Prospect

New group set to help residents of North Prospect

Plymouth Community Homes is pleased to announce that a consortium is now in place to offer support to the residents of North Prospect.

 The new group will be made up of three independent organisations – Plymfed, the Zebra Collective, and PATH (Plymouth Access to Housing). These three organisations will work closely together with Plymouth Community Homes to offer support to residents with issues including housing, environment and community safety, training and learning.

 Mike Nally, the North Prospect Regeneration Manager, said: “We are extremely pleased to announce that this new consortium is now in place.

“Listening and interacting with the residents is a vital part of the regeneration. Our aim is to improve the lives of the residents of North Prospect and the new consortium will play a large part in helping us to do this.”

Chas Shaw from Plymfed said: “The role Plymfed has taken on is to support residents, individually and collectively, to get involved in the regeneration process to make it work for themselves and their communities.

“We’ll be looking to set up groups to have a say within the regeneration process and it’s possible that such groups could become residents associations in their own right.

“Although we receive funding from PCH, we are an independent organisation, run by and for tenants and residents.”

In co-operation with Plymfed, PATH will provide one-to-one advice to residents and Zebra will provide training. Although they have their separate areas of work, the three groups will be working together and supporting each other.


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