Feel good factor after Frisbees donated for Woodside kittens

Feel good factor after Frisbees donated for Woodside kittens

We paid a flying visit to Woodside Animal Welfare Trust this week to donate a box of Frisbees for kitten season.

The box of old promotional Frisbees was left over from marketing new homes with one of our partners and we wanted to put them to good use. We wondered whether an animal charity could benefit from them, as we were pretty convinced they would be a winner with dogs. But it turns out that they make excellent food bowls for kitten season!

Kitten season is the time of year when cats give birth, which means animal shelters and rescue groups across the city can be flooded with homeless litters – last year Woodside had 320 kittens around this time of year. The Frisbees allow litters to feed together as they adapt to their new surroundings.

Woodside Animal Welfare Trust is an animal rehoming charity that takes in animals to be rehomed and encourage responsible pet ownership. They help owners understand their pet’s needs and promote the need to spay or neuter pets to stop unwanted litters which can often be abandoned.   

We got to meet and name one of Woodside’s kittens who we let play with one of the frisbees – we called her Gill after our Director of Corporate and Manufacturing Services.

Pet ownership is a rewarding experience that brings companionship, good health and social benefits to a number of people. We aim to have a flexible approach to managing responsible pet ownership in our homes where it is reasonable to do so and we try to ensure local animal charities have a copy of PCH’s pets policy.

Dawn Griffiths from Woodside said: “These Frisbees are great for all the animals. They provide the dogs here with something to play with and they actually come in handy for the kittens here, we are expecting a large number of homeless kittens to come through the doors over the next few weeks so this donation has come at just the right time.”

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