A bug’s life

A bug’s life

Local residents and their children at Granby Street brightened up their communal areas and met some interesting creatures along the way.

Granby Street came to life as local residents and children worked with Urban Buzz to brighten their communal areas and got some close encounters with some creepy crawlies.

Herbs and flowering plants were planted in the communal garden areas that will bring colour and fresh ingredients to be used in cooking.

The Animal Lecture Service brought with them a selection of animals and creepy crawlies for the children to look at, hold and learn about. Jack Pressman and Justin Danby were more than happy to talk to the children about the animals, with the snake, Chilean Rose Tarantula and Bearded Dragon on display for those brave enough to venture close enough.

Housing Officer Clare Turner was helping to transform the area and said: “It’s great to see such a good turnout for an event like this. I’m new to the area so it’s a good way of meeting some of the residents that I may not have met before.

“We are trying to give the area a lift and give people something to take pride in and look after. It helps with community cohesion as well as it brings the community together and gives the children some entertainment during the holidays.

“We are grateful to the Communities Team who arranged for the craft making activities and gave out Easter treat bags to the children.”

Assistant Housing Officer Vicky Ware, PCSO Chantelle Wildman and Communities Worker Hayley Kemp gave out refreshments to the children as they worked on the gardens throughout the morning and volunteers Rachel and Barbara from Devonport Timebank were teaching the youngsters how to create exciting crafts using simple materials.

Local resident Jamie brought down her own Bearded Dragon Mickey, and her Son Lennon was more than pleased to show him off to the Animal Service!

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