Real-life scenario at former homes leads to major firefighting breakthrough

Real-life scenario at former homes leads to major firefighting breakthrough

Firefighters across Devon and Somerset are trialling revolutionary new techniques and equipment which were tested after carrying out a training exercise on two of our empty homes.

Fire crews from across the city used two of our vacant North Prospect properties in Wordsworth Crescent to test a new water misting system in July last year.

Wordsworth Crescent falls under Phase 3 of the regeneration programme, which is currently being redeveloped by our contractor Kier Living.

As a result of data that was captured during the drill, Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service is now looking to adopt the techniques and invest in new equipment.

Dave Marsh, Station Manager at Plympton Fire Station, said: “We did a ‘back to back’ scenario using two PCH houses. First we used traditional firefighting techniques – breathing apparatus and fire hoses. We measured the temperature drop and the speed at which we could slow the fire down.

“We did the same thing on another home using a water misting system to attack the fire from outside so we didn’t put our firefighters at risk. The figures came out as comparable.

“We’re absolutely confident in what it delivers. Firefighters still need to enter buildings, but it makes it a safer environment before they do so.

“As a result of that data, the system is now being used at a number of stations as part of further trials. We even used it in the Riverside Leisure Centre fire in Exeter recently.

“Had it not been used there, the fire spread would have been far more significant. We’re now looking for providers to supply the system for us.

“Plymouth Community Homes really helped by giving us access and Kier Living’s support in events of this type is greatly valued. We can put this on every frontline appliance in Devon and Somerset.”

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