What next for PCH and how it affects you?

What next for PCH and how it affects you?

Today we’re sharing our ambitious plans for the next five years with you, our residents, as we launch our new Strategic Business Plan.

We want to be really open with you and share how we plan to grow from a young business to a mature organisation determined to keep residents at heart, whilst becoming more commercial to develop more homes for those people in need.

Our Plan is built around the ‘PCH House’, which summarises our vision and three pillars of ‘people’, ‘pounds’ and ‘place’, plus our strategic objectives.

It’s based on feedback from you, sessions with our Board and staff, and the results of our STAR customer satisfaction survey, as well as benchmarking information which checks how we are doing when compared with other housing associations.

It is PCH’s most important document in telling you, and all those working for or with us, what we’re aiming for and how we plan to get there. It links together all the everyday work we do and will help to guide the decisions we make.

We’ve tried to make it user-friendly with straight-forward language (no corporate jargon) so we give a clear picture of our future. That way we should be in no doubt about why we are here and what we need to do to succeed, and that will help you to understand how our plans will affect you.

Please take the time to read our new Strategic Business Plan which we hope clearly shows our commitment to keeping you, our residents, at our heart so we stay true to our strong social purpose of providing affordable homes for people who need them.

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