What does a Legionella inspector do?

What does a Legionella inspector do?

Our trained inspectors regularly check water systems around the city to help keep you safe.

We regularly carry out water hygiene risk assessments on our properties to ensure the water that you use is safe from Legionella disease. We regularly monitor and inspect some of our larger buildings to make sure water systems are clean and safe.

Ian Clark, one of our trained internal inspectors tells us what he does when we meet him at Zion House: “I monitor around 160 blocks each month and make sure the water temperature is acceptable so it’s not susceptible to bacterial growth.

“In a block of flats like Zion Street I also flush out the system once a week to make sure there is no water standing still in the pipes and ensures that tenants water remains fit for purpose.”

Our sheltered housing schemes which house over 60’s and potentially vulnerable people get a more rigorous inspection which we contract out to Interserve.

Chris Gove our Deputy Responsible Person for Legionella control explains more when we meet him at Brock House: “Sheltered housing schemes pose a greater risk of Legionella bacteria because of the sheer water volume so we contract the work out to Interserve who carry out a deeper and more technical inspection of the water.

“A property like Brock House has three large water tanks to supply the property so Interserve will take a sample of each one and send it away to a lab for testing to ensure there are no potentially harmful bacteria.

“Monthly we inspect the boiler temperature and then the flats farthest away from the boiler to ensure the temperature is stable and then every 12 months we will inspect every flat in the building.”

For further information on Legionella please email us or call us on 0808 230 6500.

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