Efford Work Club begins this month

Efford Work Club begins this month

Residents looking to boost their CV and gain job and interview skills will be able to take advantage of a new work club in Efford each Thursday.

Efford work club will begin on Thursday 20 July at Efford Library in Torridge Way between 10am and 12pm and will run every Thursday.

The work club is open to anyone looking for work, and people can get help searching for jobs, writing CV’s, improving interview skills or becoming self-employed. Although the club is aimed at people looking for work, once someone has a job, they can still get support. This is particularly important as many jobs are now offered as temporary contracts.

The work club is being run by PCH, DCH, Clarion (formerly Affinity Sutton), the Library staff and Barnardo’s Children’s Centre.

Leigh Ferguson, Communities Worker for PCH said: “The work clubs that we offer across the city is some of the most important work we do. Residents come to us needing help with job searches, CV’s and application forms. The support that we provide extends beyond that. When we help people get into work it makes a real change for the finance and outlook of that household.

“Some people we help to access further training and further support where others may just enjoy the chance to have a cup of tea and chat to other people in the same situation. Efford is an excellent partnership with all the partners involved fully committed to doing the best they can for the residents which will give the club a lovely welcoming feel.”

The work club offers:

  • Free internet and computer access
  • Learn basic computer skills including creating an email address
  • Help with universal job match registration
  • Searching and applying for jobs
  • Accessing free training opportunities
  • Advice on job applications
  • Advice on writing a CV
  • Gain interview skills and techniques

If you are interested in attending, just pop along or for further information email Leigh or call 0808 230 6500.

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