PCH welcome a new intern for the summer

PCH welcome a new intern for the summer

We have welcomed sixth form student Amber to PCH to complete a six week internship with us. 

Amber is our third intern to come to PCH to complete her internship through Career Ready which will see her work in a variety of different departments to gain valuable skills and experience of the workplace.

Career Ready is a UK charity that links employers with schools and colleges to open up the world of work to young people. Amber will work with us for six weeks and have an opportunity to work in different areas of our organisation – from housing to finance, from repairs to corporate communications and everything in-between.

This gives Amber the chance to see which areas will suit her when she begins her career and will gain tools and skills and can gain a good understanding of the workplace. Internships can be a win-win situation as they can help students narrow down the often long list of careers to find one that they will be happy in.

Amber tells us: “It’s great to be at PCH and it’s a brilliant opportunity for me to work in a large and successful organisation. I hope to find a few areas that I would like to work in as I have a few ideas at the moment, but until you try it you never know!

“The internship is also something really positive to put on my CV and my application for University, it shows I have initiative and now have a good bank of work experience to draw upon.”

Danni Houston, Learning and Development Coordinator oversees the Career Ready programme at PCH and said: “Career Ready gives students from lower income families the confidence, skills and networks to achieve their potential. Through volunteering for Career Ready employers get a rewarding opportunity to develop their own presenting, coaching and management skills, and find the next generation of talented employees.”

“While the career the student chooses may differ from that of the internship, the programme allows the student to explore all the possibilities and come away with an experience that they will never forget.”

Career Ready has over a decade of successful working relationships from the private, public and voluntary sectors with everyone from small, independent businesses to large multi-nationals.

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