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We are a leading housing provider. This means we are a strong, open, effective organisation making a difference to people’s lives.

Money is a challenge for many of us, especially in these tough financial times – so every penny counts. That principle is just as important for us as a business, ensuring we make the most impact for residents and the local economy through everything we do and provide good value for money.

Until April 2020, as a result of the Government’s Emergency Budget in July 2015, we are required to apply an annual 1% reduction to the rents we charge. This may be seen as a welcome saving for our residents, however, it has significant implications for PCH as we had planned to use rent increases to support many of our objectives including building more homes.

As a result, achieving value for money has become even more crucial for PCH as well as for our residents. How we charge rent or service charges, manage our assets, secure funding, manage empty properties and make decisions on what we deliver – everything we do is underpinned by the question “how can we make most impact?”

We are open about why we do what we do and how we make it happen – our Board quite rightly keep us accountable to our business effectiveness.

In this section you can find key documents relating to how we manage and spend our money.

We think it’s important that all of this information is available to anyone who has an interest in what we do. If you can’t see what you’re looking for, please contact us on 0808 230 6500 or email performance@plymouthcommunityhomes.co.uk



Our 2015 - 16 Annual Report For Residents

Our 2015 - 16 Annual Report For Residents

Our 2015-16 Annual Report for Residents is a webpage that tells you all about what we’ve done and how well we’re doing.

Our 2015-16 Value for Money Statement

Value for Money Statement 2015-16

Our Value for Money (VFM) Statement, 2015-16 is an extract from the Operating Financial Review (OFR), taken from the Statement of Accounts 2015-16.

Our 2015-16 Consolidated Financial Statements

Our 2015-16 Consolidated Financial Statements

The 2015-16 consolidated accounts include the Operating Financial Review (OFR) which contains our Value for Money (VFM) Statement for 2015-16. This should be read in conjunction with the Annual Report for Residents 2015-16. Also known as our Statutory Accounts.