Our Performance

Here at Plymouth Community Homes, we believe in providing excellent services to residents and it’s important we keep you informed about how we’re achieving that.

We measure our performance every three months to help us stay on track and you can find the reports on this page.

We use the reports to check that we are doing what we said and meeting the targets set out in our current strategic business plan 2017-22.

If you want to see more on how we’re performing, have a look at the documents on the right hand side of this page.

Results from our latest resident STAR survey (released in September 2016) told us that over 90% of residents are satisfied with the overall service we provide as a landlord. In addition, 92% of our residents are satisfied with the quality of their home. This is a massive improvement from the first surveys when PCH had just come into existence. Then, the satisfaction with services and home quality was just 73%. View some of our case studies here.

Another area you’ve told us you’re particularly happy with is the value for money you receive from both your rent (91%) and service charges (80%). Again, both of these figures have increased, and it put us in the top quarter of Housing Associations in the country.

We have also been making improvements to the way we handle resident’s calls and how easy it is for you to speak with the right person. More information about our First Contact project can be seen here.

Our repairs service is also something we are proud of, with 88% of residents being satisfied with the overall repairs and maintenance service and just under 95% were satisfied with the way their request for their repair was handled. Find out more from our residents here.

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