Mutual Exchange and Transfer

Everyone who is NOT on a Starter Tenancy has a right to exchange.

You have a right to exchange your home with another Plymouth Community Homes tenant, a tenant from a council or a housing association tenant. For more information contact your local Housing Officer, where you can also get a leaflet about mutual exchanges.

More information about all your rights, including your right to exchange, can be found in our Your New Home Leaflet.

Already a Plymouth Community Homes tenant and looking for a new home? PCH has launched a new mutual exchange service for its tenants.

HomeSwapper is for social tenants (in rented property) who want a house swap, flat swap or to exchange their council house.

This service is free for PCH tenants and allows you to look for exchanges locally or nationally to match your needs – just remember to get your housing officer’s permission first.

HomeSwapper covers the whole of the UK, and 70% of new matches are matched to properties within 24 hours.

To apply simply go to the HomeSwapper website.

For more information call the Housing Choices Team 0800 694 3101 or ask at your local Housing Officer.