Sometimes it’s nice to see what our residents think and say about us – so here is a selection of compliments recently received.

“Firstly, thank you you’ve been amazing and done some amazing things for my family for which we are all grateful.”

“Very approachable and thank you for taking an understanding of my point of view.”

“Thank you for your kindness and consideration.”

“You have been absolutely fantastic in the level of support you’ve given.”

“I just wanted to say a massive thank you to all of you including the Salvation Army for the wonderful Xmas prezzies my two youngest children received today. It was a surprise to be able to pick out a brand new scooter each – wow! It will certainly make a huge difference on Christmas Day – once again thank you for making two little ones extremely happy.”

“Your help has been invaluable.”

Repairs service

“I just had to write to you to thank you for my lovely electric fire. The young man worked really hard to fit it and never stopped for a cup of tea. Thank you ever so much.”

“The gentleman that repaired the on-going problem with the toilet was very helpful. He carried out the work to the point I feel he alone has solved the problem, which I have had for the last two years. He has a very cheerful manner, polite and it was a pleasure to have him in my home.”

“Cannot be commended highly enough for their hardworking, courteous, and entirely professional standard of quality work.”

“He’s done a very commendable job and the shower now works perfectly.”

“Your contractors were respectful and professional at all times. I am over the moon with the units and overall space I now have gained to my kitchen area. I can’t thank or praise the men and your company enough – thank you.”

“Thank you for a very prompt service in arranging and repairing my washing line within 24 hours of the call.”

“I would like to thank PCH for organising such a superb service and said that it is very reassuring as a tenant that PCH are always so prompt when responding to repair requests.”

“Work is an excellent standard, you did a fantastic job polite, efficient and hardly noticed you were here working.”

“Thank you for the new level access experimental shower for double amputee child.”

New homes

“It is so lovely here, and so peaceful, we would both like to say thank you so much for offering us a home which offers such a great quality of life, so well maintained, and a pleasure to call home.”

Supported living

“I am writing to you as I would like you to know how thankful I am to have a warden. These last three years since my husband passed away she has helped me with all sorts of letters and forms and phone calls that I have found hard to manage, and just recently my legs are giving out and she is sorting out more of my problems, she always has a smile and nothing seems to bother her, she never moans and I for one do not know what any of us would do without her – I hope we never have to.”