Being inclusive is important to us; we want to serve and involve all our communities.

We do our best to reach all of our tenants and leaseholders – with information, support and with different ways to give us their feedback.  But we know that some people might feel and be excluded, whether that’s because of a low income, a different cultural background, or because of their age, for example.

We’re committed to policies and services that are inclusive, to partnerships that help us tackle disadvantage and address inequalities and we’ll do everything we can to treat people fairly and respectfully.

To find out more about our commitments to being inclusive, you can read our policy documents.

To make sure we listen to a wide range of our customers’ views, we work in partnership with important local organisations who also provide services to our tenants, including:

If you are suffering from racist or other abuse please report it:

Reporting a racist or other incident

If you are worried about an unauthorised encampment (gypsy or traveller site) that you’ve seen, you can also use a form to report it online:

Unauthorised encampment


Read more about the work carried out by our Communities Team.