Local Businesses

In the delivery of all our programmes and services, and in the way we manage our organisation, we are committed to ensuring our money and resources are spent in the best way possible by achieving high quality, value for money services across PCH.

We work with small to medium businesses from the local area to help us deliver our promises. In all our major works programmes, we work with our larger partners to support the local community by ensuring opportunities are created for apprentices and young workers and the local area. At the heart of every purchasing decision, we consider how our procurement can be carried out in a way that achieves value for money for our tenants at the same time as benefitting the wider community.

In the 2014/15 financial year, we spent over £27million – over 44 per cent of our total spend – on firms based in the Plymouth post code area.

We are also spending a good amount of money with smaller firms (SMEs) – ie. under 50 staff. In 2014/15 we spent £18.8m with SMEs which is over 30 percent of our total spend.

PCH is part of the Plymouth Procurement Forum – a collection of local organisations which have pledged to use local suppliers wherever possible.

If you are a small supplier with less than 50 staff, let us know as you get preferential (10 day) payment terms.

To find out more about the values we consider when deciding which suppliers we use, read our Social Value Toolkit.

Email pch.purchasing@plymouthcommunityhomes.co.uk or call 01752 388402 or 388349 to find out how we can help you.