We take your safety seriously and you may find this information helps keep you safe.

Gas Safety

We visit your homes regularly to service gas appliances that we have fitted, for example, any gas fire we have installed. It’s important that you let our Gas Service Engineers into your home. For more information about gas safety and servicing, please refer to our Gas Safety Advice Leaflet.

Fire Safety

Fire in your home can be devastating. We’ll offer you fire safety advice when you begin your tenancy, and we’ll publish fire safety updates regularly. Please read more about fire safety in our Fire Safety Advice Leaflet.

Living in a high rise block of flats means that fire safety is especially important. Please read the Escaping from a high rise leaflet for more information.

Electrical Safety Outdoors

Using outdoor electrical items safely is an important part of staying safe. Please read the Outdoor Electrical Safety Advice for more information about using outdoor electrical items.

For more safety advice you could visit the websites below for free leaflets and information:

If you need to report a repair in your home that might affect your safety please go to the Repairs section for more information.

If you need to report anything that could cause danger in your street or on pavements, please go to the Plymouth City Council website. On that page you can use an online form to report problems to Highways.

Health and Safety Policy

Here you can view the current overarching Health and Safety Policy.