AA Woods provides Morley Court with funding to maintain roof garden

PCH contractor AA Woods has offered to provide the residents of Morley Court with support in the upkeep of their roof garden for the next four years.

As part of our commitment to our residents and estates we ask that all of our contractors provide social value in the areas they are working. When Communities Team Manager Alice Potter heard that the annual upkeep of the Morley Court roof garden was in the region of £580 she wanted to find a contractor who was happy to help out.

Alice said: “The residents of Morley Court have worked so hard to design a garden which everyone in the community can enjoy; it includes an area for the children to play, a vegetable plot with the produce shared amongst the residents and a courtyard where you can relax with a cup of tea.

“You only need to visit on a sunny afternoon to see how much it’s appreciated. I wanted to find a way for us to say ‘thank you’ for the time and fundraising the residents have put into making the garden such a special place and knew one of our contractors would jump at the chance of supporting such a brilliant project”  

In stepped AA Woods and Regional Director Craig Williams who visited Morley Court and met Secretary of the residents association Graham Smith and were immediately impressed with the space.

Craig Williams said: “I was very impressed with the gardens as I could immediately appreciate how difficult a project it must have been to develop the area in the middle of a busy city centre!

“Graham kindly showed me the photo diary that he produced whilst the area was under construction and it was great to see the before and after shots which show what a tremendous investment it was originally from PCH.

“It was also pleasing to see how well the area has been cared for in the years since and Graham informed me of how much the facilities are enjoyed by the residents. It is clear that everyone take a lot of pride in their gardens especially by Graham and his friends who devote a lot of time in maintaining the areas for the wider community to benefit from. We’re delighted that we can support this wonderful project over the next four years and I will certainly call in and enjoy the gardens probably in late spring when it is no doubt at its most vibrant!”

Graham, Secretary of the Morley Court residents association said: “It’s great that Craig and the team at AA Woods have offered to help us to maintain the gardens over the next four years. The funding we receive this year will really come in handy and we welcome the donations to come, whether that is financial or staff time.”  

PCH Procurement Specialist Phil Blackmore explains more about what our suppliers can provide: “We ask all of our key suppliers to include social value as part of their contract and how they might deliver any economic, social or environmental benefits for our customers or estates. For instance one of our suppliers provided PCH with a sum of money so that we can support residents in replacing their cookers if they were deemed not safe due to gas or electrical safety checks.”