Always working to improve our service to residents

Members of the Contact Centre team have recently completed a training course in Soft Skills and Communication Skills, to help them deliver excellent customer service.

Delivered by Take Effect Training, the short course focused on call structuring and the implementation of ‘soft skills’ to help call handlers deliver a better experience, based on customer needs. Skills were learnt through workshops, before the team took part in actor-led role play sessions to put their new skills into practice.

Lynda Bulmer, Assistant Contact Centre Supervisor said: “The training has helped to increase efficiency, customer service and ultimately, customer satisfaction.”

The course has been a hit with residents and staff alike, with plenty of positive feedback and one member of the team describing it as ‘the most useful course’ they’d ever been on. Customers have commented:

“Very satisfied, he was lovely, really helpful. He recognised it was an ongoing problem.”

“She managed to get stuff across so that I would understand, she made me feel very comfortable and at home.”

“Brilliant, he was really nice, lovely, he was not just dealing with my problem he re-assured me, as sometimes it is nice to have a polite person…very refreshing.”

Ryan Coles, Contact Centre Experience Manager (Omni-Channel) said: “Every aspect of the training has been useful; it’s been a breath of fresh air. The training has been exceptional and has set the bar for our customer service training.”