16 Days of Action – where can you turn for help?

07 December 22

16 Days Of Action – We’Re Signing The Pledge Against Domestic Abuse (1)

As we continue with our campaign pledging 16 Days of Action Against Domestic Abuse, it’s important to know where you can turn to for help both locally and nationally.

At PCH we will take all reports of domestic abuse seriously and we have made the pledge to our residents that we will:

  • Never tell anyone any personal information without your permission
  • Offer support and advice
  • Offer same gender or safe place interviews
  • Discuss organisations that provide long term support if you require it
  • Be sensitive and understanding while discussing your housing options
  • React quickly and effectively to make sure you are safe
  • Take relevant action against those who are responsible for domestic abuse using the conditions of our tenancy agreement
  • Give you advice and help with your tenancy and other issues
  • Provide additional security measures to your property if you need them or it is appropriate to do so

If you need to be rehoused away from the person who is abusing you, we can give you housing advice and discuss other accommodation. If you are homeless or worried that you may become homeless due to domestic abuse, you can get urgent advice and help from the housing department of the local Council who will assess your situation and let you know how to help and what your rights are.

We will never inform the person responsible that we have spoken to you. As your safety is our main concern, we will also not take any action against the person without speaking to you first.

Local help and support can be found here:

National help and support can be found here:

In an emergency always call 999.

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