Anti-Social Behaviour Week: Creating Safer Communities Together

03 July 23

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We invite you to participate in Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) Week—an essential initiative dedicated to raising awareness, addressing concerns, and fostering safer communities. ASB Week provides a unique opportunity to shed light on the impact of anti-social behaviour, engage the community, and encourage proactive measures for prevention and resolution.

In 2022, Plymouth Community Homes, in collaboration with ASB Help, Plymouth City Council, and Devon and Cornwall Police, signed a pledge to support victims of anti-social behaviour. This pledge aims to promote and utilise the 'community trigger' process—an effective mechanism for providing support and ensuring that those affected by anti-social behaviour are heard.

The community trigger, also known as an ASB case review, is specifically designed to streamline access to the necessary support for individuals impacted by anti-social behaviour. It empowers victims to share their concerns and ensures that their voices are not only heard but also acted upon.

As part of the National Anti-Social Behaviour Awareness Week, Safer Plymouth will be on the road to connect directly with the community. They want to hear from you—your concerns, ideas, and suggestions to combat anti-social behaviour and create safer neighbourhoods.

Join them at the following locations:


- Monday, July 3: Freedom Fields Park, Greenbank

- Tuesday, July 4: Astor Park, Prince Rock

- Wednesday, July 5: Honicknowle Green Shops

- Thursday, July 6: Southway Community Centre, Hendwell Close, Southway

- Friday, July 7: St Budeaux Square, St Budeaux


This is an opportunity to engage with Safer Plymouth to address anti-social behaviour. By coming together and sharing our insights and experiences, we can collaboratively develop strategies to combat these issues effectively.

ASB Week reminds us that at Plymouth Community Homes, we play a crucial role in fostering a safer community and providing a support line for residents.

For more information about the community trigger or ASB review visit:

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