Colourful new mural for Plymouth city centre

07 June 23

Mural 1

Residents and the local community have welcomed a new mural in the heart of Plymouth’s city centre which has been painted to refresh the space and help prevent illegal graffiti.

The creation was designed and painted by Jordan Lauder from The Mural Company and commissioned by Sarah Chidgey, Housing Officer at Plymouth Community Homes in an effort to brighten up our city and make it a better place to live for our residents.

The mural was painted with a nature theme with a large fox, wildlife including butterflies, and stunning flowers to appeal to everyone visiting Morley Court - and it has had nothing but positive feedback so far.

The mural is situated on an external wall outside Morley Court in the West End of Plymouth, and can be accessed by Market Way or via Western Approach.

The new addition follows the installation of a bespoke metal lighthouse on Western Approach, which can be seen by Plymothians on their commute in and out of the city centre.

Just like the lighthouse, PCH hopes the mural will increase footfall to the area and in turn bring business to our commercial residents in the area.

Jordan Lauder, who worked tirelessly on the new addition, said: “Sarah Chidgey noticed my paintings across the city and invited me to come and produce artwork on a blank wall outside Morley Court in the city centre and I was delighted to get on board.

“When we spoke for the first time, we talked through multiple ideas and landed on a nature theme, which we hoped would appeal to a lot of people, including PCH residents and the local community.

“I really enjoy painting foxes, so we decided it would be great to have a fox included in the mural. I then designed it to fit the space and painted it over three and a half days.

“PCH residents living at Morley Court were really interested in the painting and were coming up to me and thanking me for what I was doing which was great.

“It has sparked huge conversation within the local community which is fantastic, especially with young residents who came by asking questions about the new artwork.”

Sarah Chidgey, Housing Officer at PCH, said: “I love street art, and it is my mission to brighten up our city and reduce illegal graffiti. This wall was often tagged by graffiti so we thought it would be fantastic for residents to have a wall filled with vibrant colours and nature, rather than a tagged, dark bricked wall.

“I have seen a lot of Jordan’s artwork across the city, and as a local creative I knew he would come up with something our residents would love, and he certainly delivered.

“We spoke to residents who were so thrilled with the lighthouse and they welcomed the idea of the mural, and there has been amazing feedback from the residents and others who pass by so far.

“There is an overarching feeling that the new mural brightens up the place, makes people smile and feel good about where they live. I love the thought of residents walking into their home and thinking what a lovely view they have, rather than a blank wall which invites crime.

“I want to thank Jordan for his efforts and hope to work with him in the future.”

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