Colours in Bloom: Resident Spotlight 

21 August 23


We had the pleasure of meeting resident Keith Davey, who tends to a colourful garden that has become a true delight in his community.  

Filled with colours and captivating from every angle, his garden is a testament to the magic that can flourish with care and dedication. 

Keith, an experienced gardener of twenty years, finds joy in cultivating his garden: "Gardening has been my passion for two decades," Keith shared.  

"It's a great way to stay occupied, especially now that I'm retired. I take pride in my garden." 

Passers-by can't help but pause and admire the delight Keith has created. His garden isn't just a personal space; it's a gift to the neighbourhood:  

"It's great to see people stop and appreciate my work - I must be doing something right" 

When asked about his gardening approach, Keith mentioned his varied sources of supplies. From gardening magazines to local garden centres, and a few finds from QVC, Keith collects an assortment of seeds, plants, and pots. The result is an impressive array of flowers that includes Begonias, Dahlias, Busy Lizzies, Phlox, Petunias, Gaillardias and many more. 

Keith's sense of humour shines through as he chuckles, "I might not be a DIY expert at home, according to my wife. But when it comes to gardening, I've found my knack." 

Keith Davey's garden is proof of the beauty that can flourish through passion and dedication. As we look toward changing seasons, we look forward to catching up with Keith's garden next year. 



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