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21 July 22

Refurb Of Plymouth Flats Completed As Part Of Energy Efficiency Plans 03

PCH aim to be the housing provider of choice in the city and surrounding areas and improve lives by providing affordable homes, great services and supporting communities. 

Spending on improving our homes accounts for over a third of our expenditure so it is vital that we work efficiently with our contractors and across the organisation to spend wisely and deliver good value for money. 

Our Asset Management programme shows where we are spending our money on improving homes across the city so you can see what’s happening and what we’re planning to achieve for the rest of the year.

Block programme update 

These homes are on our block capital investment programme for the financial year with some starting this year and aiming to be completed by 2023/24. These sites will include maintenance and repair works to all external and internal communal areas, with new roofs, windows and wall finishes.

Alcester Close, Boons Place and Bampfylde Way are having work carried out to improve the wall performance and energy efficiency.  

Design programme update 

We’re carrying out a lot of planning work for a number of more complex sites where work will take place of the next few years. The more complex sites often take over a year of planning, including commissioning surveys, new building elements, consulting with residents, and reviewing options etc. 

The design programme homes are sites where we will carry out full condition surveys, think about the overall energy efficiency, use of communal facilities and other options for improvements. 

Planned programme update 

Our programme of planned maintenance will continue over the next 12 months, delivering repairs, maintenance and painting works to over 1,000 homes. The table below shows the forecast for the first three quarters of this financial year, and we’ll provide further updates later in the year for the final quarter. 


Roof programme 

Our programme of roof renewals continues, delivering over £1million across our homes, and the table below shows the homes agreed for the programme in 2022/23. 

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