Is a mutual exchange right for me?

11 July 23

We’ve created a brand-new policy and animation for mutual exchanges to make the process clearer and easier for residents to change homes when the need arises.

Following feedback from residents, we created a policy to make the process more user-friendly and set out the steps you need to take in order to make an exchange happen. 

A mutual exchange is when a resident swaps their home with another social housing resident.

You may need a mutual exchange for a number of reasons – you may need more (or less) space or need to move to be closer to work or family.

Swapping homes can be beneficial for residents as it represents a chance for you to select your new home and secure a move, rather than having to wait for a transfer or bid through Devon HomeChoice.

For PCH, it means that our homes are used to meet increasing housing demand – with families looking for bigger homes, or residents looking to downsize finding the right home for them.

To explain more about mutual exchanges and what you need to do to be ready for an exchange, how to advertise your home and how the process works, we’ve created a short animation to guide you through the basics.

Once you’ve watched the animation and decided to dive a little deeper, have a read through our Frequently Asked Questions and read our brand new Mutual Exchange Policy.

Of course, if at any stage you have questions, or want some help guiding you through the process, our housing staff are on hand to help you with everything from getting online, creating your advert and searching for a home to swap.

For any questions, or to find out more – visit our Mutual Exchange page and you’ll find everything you need in one place.

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