Janner Men's Shed partner with 2 Rivers Tool Training

14 September 23

Men's Shed Training (1)

The Janner Men’s Shed is part of the UK social inclusion and community engagement movement that realises the value of people working together on practical woodworking tasks on a regular basis.

It was set up in 2017 and continues to be supported by Plymouth Community Homes (PCH). Around 20 members attend the fortnightly sessions which take place at Leigham Community Hall, and during a typical session they will have lunch together, socialise and practice woodwork.  

Over recent months they have been receiving support from 2 Rivers Tool Training, who is committed to providing quality training in the correct and safe use of woodworking tools. Mark their trainer has many years of experience in the woodworking industry and in teaching and assessing all types of woodworking qualifications.

Last week Mark visited Leigham Community Hall and offered training to three members of the Janner Men’s Shed, which was extremely beneficial for them. Mark offers the group training free of charge, as he wants to support the local community and teach them how to use their equipment safely.

Mark said: “I first got involved with The Janner Men’s Shed after speaking with Ryan, and at that time, I didn’t even know that the group existed. I realised how useful the training would be for the men at the Shed and so far, it has been great to meet with them all.

“I pointed my friend Stuart in the direction of the group after experiencing it first hand, and he has now become a member and attends the group every two weeks, which is great.

“I give the members basic training completely free of charge to make them safe while they are carrying out their woodwork, as I know how much they enjoy and benefit from coming here.

“I enjoy being able to help the local community, and to support men of different ages and different backgrounds.”

Ryan Huws, Communities Worker at PCH, said: “We’re always keen to make all activities at the Shed as safe as possible, so it’s been great to have 2 Rivers Tool Training on board”.


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