PCH supports community services with van loan

02 June 23


As part of our ongoing electric vehicle trial, we are delighted to announce a meaningful collaboration with a local community organisation to support the essential services it provides.

Thanks to the dedicated efforts of staff behind the scenes, we have loaned one of our previous fleet vans to Plymouth Play Scrapstore for the duration of the electric vehicle trial period when staff are using the new, greener EV vans.

This partnership not only reinforces our commitment to sustainable transportation but also ensures that positive services continue to be delivered by this invaluable local community project.

Joy from Play Scrapstore said: "A huge thank you to PCH - we couldn’t be more grateful! Our previous vehicle had broken down and we have not been able to afford a new one. If we can't collect items, we can't survive and this has put a massive strain on our ability to provide for our community.”

Plymouth Play Scrapstore is a local community project which plays a role in delivering playful creativity, and promoting play through craft and sustainability throughout Plymouth.

Their dedication in providing unique resources to the community has made a positive impact on the lives of countless individuals. By lending them one of our vans, we hope to empower their efforts and contribute to their mission of building a stronger, more sustainable community.

Peter Jackson, Fleet Manager for PCH, said: “This is a local community project delivering essential services throughout Plymouth and I am truly humbled to have been just a small part of ensuring that they can continue to deliver these vital services.”

As an organisation, PCH is proud to play a small role in enabling Plymouth Scrapstore to continue delivering essential services to our community.

Pete added: “We recognise the significance of the Scrapstore’s work and the positive impact they have on the lives of many. We support their efforts, knowing that together, we are making a meaningful difference towards a greener Plymouth.”

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