Plumer House Gym opens for residents

02 January 23


The Gym at Plumer House is set to open to Plymouth Community Homes (PCH) residents starting from Tuesday 3 January 2023.

The Gym will be open every Tuesday and Thursday between 09:45 – 11:15am, with all gym users having access to changing and showering facilities 15 minutes before and after each session.

An induction to the gym is required at the first session for every resident, regardless of whether an induction has been attended previously. Users will need to complete a health declaration form at their induction to ensure that they are fit to engage in physical activity.

Gym inductions will be held at 9:45am every Tuesday and bookings must be made at least an hour before the requested session and a maximum of 12 users may be booked into each available time slot.

We spoke to regular gym user Terry 81, and his cousin James who has just started using the facilities and has no intention of slowing down…

Terry said: "I used the gym before we went into lockdown and I’m really pleased it’s opened again this year for residents to use as I try to make full use of it. I’m here twice a week and I like to do a bit of everything – some walking, the rowing machine, some weights just to mix things up so I’m getting a variety of workouts.

"It’s a great facility and is so much better than being stuck at home watching TV when I can come here, get healthy and spend time with like-minded people.”

James continues: “Since I’ve been using the gym here I feel so much better in myself. I have no stress or anxiety since I started regularly using the gym to get my exercise – that’s all gone. It makes you feel good, even if you just come and do ten minutes at a time, I’d highly recommend it.”

The Customer Experience team at PCH is able to book gym inductions or gym sessions either in person at Plumer reception or by telephone.

To contact the reception desk directly to book your session, please call 01752 388255 or 01752 389744.

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