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03 April 23

Website launch

We’re excited to launch our brand-new website following your feedback and in consultation with residents, staff and website users.

Our new website has updated sections and clearer features on our pages so you can find everything you need to manage your home more easily, including how to contact us, more about our complaints process, and information on repairs.

You’ll be able to find this information more easily on a phone too. Our research showed 70% of people visiting our website do so on a mobile device so we’ve made sure the site has been built to be ‘mobile first’.

We’ve also added some new features. You can now find out who your housing team are, with a brand-new function allowing you to enter your postcode and get the details of your Housing Officer, Assistant Housing Officer and Incomes Officer.

You’ll still be able to access our accessibility tool on our site called the ReachDeck toolbar.

Click on the red button in the bottom left to read aloud the content on our pages with a choice of reading speeds and highlighters, translate web pages into multiple languages, use an on-screen text magnifier and screen mask to block on-screen clutter.

Take a look around and try out our new features.

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