Why your communal area might just save your life

08 August 23

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The word communal means ‘shared by all members of a community.’

When you leave items in communal areas, it could be quite literally the difference between life and death – blocking your escape routes in the event of a fire not only stops you escaping safely, but also stops other residents in your building from getting out safely.

Fire safety is everyone’s responsibility and keeping the hallways and communal areas where you live clear is one of the most important things to do in case you have an emergency.

In the event of a fire, you may need to escape your home and the hallways could well be filled with smoke making it difficult for you to find your way out, without having to navigate your way around bulky items stored in the corridors. 

Prams, bikes, rubbish, bulky items, toys and other items we find in communal areas need to be moved and stored safely and securely. We don’t ask for these items to be moved for any other reason that to keep you and other residents in the building safe.

These are hallways and stairs, not stores. Most of our buildings have storage areas that you can use or rent to store your items, so get in contact with us and ask us where you can put items.

Work with PCH to make your building a safer place to live.  

Be safe, not sorry.

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