Beacon Award Nominees May and June 2018

The next round of Beacon Award nominees has been announced!

Our Beacon Awards recognise those PCH staff who have gone the extra mile, and we want you to let us know who deserves one.

We'll create a shortlist and each member of staff shortlisted will be invited to an awards ceremony where the winner will be announced.

If you want to make a nomination, complete a nomination form, letting us know who you'd like to nominate and why.

We'll keep you up to date throughout the year with the stories of some of our nominees and, of course, we'll share the details of the winners at the end of the year.

May and June's nominations are:

The Beacon Star Behind the Scenes

  • Mae Hughes
  • Donna Vickers
  • Diana Amoasii
  • James Copp
  • Sam Revell
  • Laura Roke
  • Calum Baker
  • Tanya Law
  • Mark Ash

The Beacon Customer Service Award

  • Mark Storey
  • Sarah Chidgey
  • Gary Dance
  • Sarah Chidgey
  • Mandy Jury
  • Heather Walker

The Beacon Top Colleague Award

  • Nicola Blackwell
  • Sarah Chidgey
  • Leah Sanderson
  • Jonathon Saunders
  • Emily Warne
  • Diana Amoasii
  • Jo Lake
  • Luke Ashford
  • Kevin Chiswell
  • Tania Cuxton
  • Paul Edwards
  • Nigel Hill
  • James Tasker
  • Chris Moysey
  • Luke Dixon
  • Anna Passmore
  • Jo Lake
  • Hannah Berry
  • Luke Dixon

The Beacon Management Award

  • Stephanie Russell
  • Leah Sanderson
  • Roger Hewitt 

These names will be put forward for shortlisting, ahead of the awards ceremony at the end of the year when the final winners will be announced.

Nominations are still open so if you know someone who's done something exceptional, make sure you let us know about it!