Beacon Awards Ceremony 2019

Staff danced the night away as we celebrated the 2019 Beacon Awards.

Host, John Clark was joined on stage by Street Factory duo Toby G and Jo as they handed out an array of awards and certificates.

In amongst the awards and celebration there was a PCH first – a dance off. Toby G split the room in two, with each half performing their best moves as they danced their way down the red carpet.

Later Nick Lewis was introduced to announce the winner of the Chair’s Choice Award before John Clark took the stage once again to announce the CEO’s Team Award.

The Beacon Management Award Winner

Fran Sandercock

From housing management voted for by her team and Sarah French for her years of work to support her team and being a true problem solver, font of knowledge and sensitive leader.

Runners up

Louise Bolton

From Income Management and Housing Operations voted for by her team for the ongoing support she provides to them.

Roger Hewitt

From repairs, for leading his team during times of extreme pressure and continuing to deliver excellent support to residents.


The Beacon Star behind the Scenes Award Winner

Neil Riches

From finance for his diligent and proactive approach to accounting and work with repairs managers to ensure repairs finances remain on track - nominated by Ian Frazer.


Sam Revell

From regen for her helpful, friendly ‘can do’ attitude to support her colleagues during interim staffing arrangements – nominated by Nathan Cousins, Pete Bold and James Tasker.

Sarah Jeatt

From customer services for her consistent approach to helping colleagues and going the extra mile to make sure tasks are done – nominated by Dee Anderson.

Julia DeRosa

From income management and housing operations for her dedicated work with leaseholders and help with fire doors – nominated by Nathan Cousin and Nigel Hill


The Beacon Customer Service Award Winner

Darryl Tapper

From repairs for always being helpful even at the busiest times and taking on difficult, ongoing issues to make sure they are resolved for residents, often working in very difficult conditions and staying after hours to get the job done – nominated by Michelle Buckingham.


Sarah Chidgey

From housing management, who received a number of nominations, but one in particular stood out – her support for a housebound resident during the severe weather – nominated by Suzanne Burns.

Albert Bowen

Bowen from Environmental Services for taking real pride in his work and building excellent relationships with residents at Morley Courtsince being transferred there – nominated by Brian Parker.

Kristina Browning

From housing management for her work to bring about justice for residents in the community concerning anti-social behaviour and working with the police on a difficult ‘mate-crime’ case – nominated by Nicky Blackwell.


The Beacon Top Colleague Award Winners

Nicky Blackwell

From housing management for her charity work over and above her job role, including delivering food parcels to those in need and being an ambassador for the New Home, New You initiative – nominated by Paul McGarry and Kerry Rowe.

Mike Algar

From Manufacturing for his work to run the window factory, helping make it a commercial success and to fulfil the huge order book they have – nominated by Paul Hill.


Jo Lake

From Manufacturing for her support of her colleagues in the joinery workshop and helping colleagues around the business to make manufacturing a commercial success, described as the wonder woman of manufacturing! - nominated by Mike Algar.

Claire Newcombe

From Development for her consistent hard work and project managing the Passivhaus scheme – nominated by Bob Fish


The Beacon Outstanding Contribution Winner

Martin Thompson

From repairs for supporting a resident with mental health issues during a time of need – the resident wrote a special letter saying Martin was ‘one of the most professional and caring people I have ever met’. Following this Martin volunteered to become a mental health awareness champion.


Rebecca Lumley

From housing management for helping a resident struggling to cope to improve their living conditions and sourcing new furniture to help them make a new start – nominated by James Hocking.

Rod Ransom and Barry Tyrell

From environmental services for stepping in to prevent a young person from taking their own life – nominated by Jay Vickers


The Beacon People’s Choice Award Winner

James Hancock

For his tireless work to help people stay in their homes and to solve anti-social behaviour problems, put forward by a police officer and Leah Sanderson.


Simon Bonney

From Repairs and Regen who received several nominations from residents for his work to provide them with adaptations for their homes – nominated by residents, Julie Lintern, Diana Amoasii and Janine Martins.

Pauline Rooks

From housing with support for her patience and always listening to residents no matter how busy she is - nominated by residents.

Cathy Thomas

From Development for her work to set up the show home at Brentor View and supporting customers to buy their homes – nominated by Tracey White


The Chair’s Choice Award Winner

The Re-use Centre

Donna Vickers

Claire Dodge

Brian Parker

Steve Wilson

Kim Taylor

Lee Coley

Ian Bird

Thanks to the Re-use Centre we’re now recycling 68% of the items we remove from homes which is a massive achievement. The Reuse Centre isn't just about making sure we're environmentally friendly. Housing staff contact the team on behalf of tenants struggling with the most basic furniture in their homes and they spring into action to provide crockery and cutlery packs, settees, beds, and a whole lot more. All stuff that would have been otherwise thrown away. The Reuse Centre is a real example of how we can be innovative and make a commercial decision to save money, whilst bringing about positive social and environmental improvements.


The Beacon Apprentice of the Year Award Winners

Leigh Bartram

From Communities for taking to PCH life straight-away and being a reliable and helpful member of the team. She has gone on to gain full time job and a nomination from Helen Ryan. .

Mae Hughes

From Communications, who received a nomination from Andy Brettle for her work on the Neighbourhood Plans with the housing management teams.


Leon Horn

From the contact centre for his positive and proactive attitude and his determination to succeed.

Daryl Potter

From repairs for his excellent customer service skills and attendance, and positive reports from colleagues and customers. Nominated by Mike Photiou.

Adam Godiff

From HR for his mature and helpful approach, completing his level 2 ahead of time and going on to study his level 3 and his support to train an agency worker.

Sam Berry

From Manufacturing for going out of his way to go over and above his normal duties to be the best apprentice that he can be and  subsequently being promoted to the position of Trainee Fitter.


CEO’s Team Award Winner

The Contact Centre

From customer services for their consistent hard work and excellent customer service during many challenging times, including what we fondly refer to a ‘snowmageddon’ when severe cold weather caused hundreds of calls to PCH and many more incidents that cause the contact centre to be exceptionally busy.

Ryan Coles

Lynda Bulmer

Louise Jarvis

Debbie March

Mark Storey

Mark Morley

Jacob Duffy

Yasmin Tucker-Cantez

Holly Bird

Hayley Mitchell

Teegan Cook

Tia Binley

Tracy Davies

Sian Ridpath

Leon Horn

Emily O'Connor

Karen Sleep


The Gas Servicing Team

From repairs for coming together during times of change and achieving 100% access from 1 August, helping to keep our residents safe – nominated by Geoff Smith.

Fire Team

From regen for helping with fire safety queries across the organisation whilst dealing with major fire related issues such as the Towers and fire door recalls – nominated by James Tasker.