Beware of unknown callers

Protect yourself from fraudulent callers this Summer with these simple steps.

We have received information to tell us that a fraudulent company that seems to be working in the Plymouth area and we are warning our residents to be vigilant.

The company in question claim to be working on behalf of PCH and ask to make an appointment to check the fire safety on solar panels on PCH properties throughout Plymouth. The telephone number we have obtained is 07856812002.

We would advise that residents do not let anyone claiming to be from this company into their home or make an appointment and then to call the police non-emergency number on 101. We understand that this company has targeted Frogmore Court and St Pancras Avenue this week.

Follow these simple tips to keep you safe from unwanted fraudulent cold callers:

Whenever you answer your door remember to lock, stop, chain and check.

  • Lock: secure all your outer doors as the person at the door may intend to distract you
  • Stop: think about whether your expecting someone
  • Chain: keep the chain on the door or look through the window or spyhole to see who is there
  • Check: ask for an identity card and examine it carefully. All PCH staff will have a contact number on their ID so that you can call in and verify who they are.

Put up a deterrent sign

You can put up a ‘no cold callers’ sign on your door or window, which should deter any cold callers from knocking on your door.

Password protect

You can set up a password with most utility companies so that you know who they are when they call round.

Check their credentials

All staff from PCH and other companies will have genuine ID cards with a phone number for you to call to check they are who they say they are.

Call the police

You can call 999 if you’re suspicious and the cold caller won’t leave or the police non-emergency number 101 if you’re not in immediate danger but want to report an incident.