Buckwell Street and Lizard Walk win South West in Bloom awards

Earlier this month, the gardens at our Buckwell Street and Lizard Walk blocks won an award at the 2018 South West in Bloom competition!

South West in Bloom is one of a number of regional competitions that make up Britain in Bloom, the largest horticultural campaign in Europe. The contest's aim is to improve and regenerate local environments through the imaginative planting of trees, shrubs, flowers and landscaping, conservation and recycling projects.

Both gardens were awarded with the Level 4 'Thriving' award as part of the 'It's Your Neighbourhood' campaign, run by the Royal Horticultural Society in recognition of the work performed by residents, agencies and local communities.

Earlier this year at Lizard Walk, Housing Officers, Rangers and members of our Environmental Team worked alongside residents to create a stunning, lizard shaped garden. With bright, colourful flowers and pebble art created by local children, the garden was unveiled in May and was nominated in the contest's RHS 'It's Your Neighbourhood' category shortly afterwards.

The gardens at Buckwell Street were given a splash of vibrant colour last year, transforming the green spaces surrounding the block. Residents did the design work, choosing the flowers and shrubs they liked and a team of Rangers carried out the planting and tidying work, earning the 'Thriving' level 4 award in 2017.

To celebrate the double victory, a certificate presentation ceremony was held at Devonport Park (Facilitated by Mike Gallagher of 'Friends of Devonport Park') last week.

Brian Parker, Environmental Services Team Leader said of the wins: "I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all who've been involved. This award has recognised the hard work carried out by the team in showcasing their communities. Hopefully, this will inspire others to get involved; the presentation is only a small part of their achievement." 

"Preparation for the awards entry began back in March with the preparation of the ground, consultation with residents, and selecting the plants. The team have met some wonderful people and receive many compliments. We have also formed a new friendship with 'Friends of Devonport Park' and we're looking forward to sharing ideas with them for next year's entry."