Cameras catching the flytippers

In the final part of our series of articles on flytipping, we look at what happens to people who are caught dumping rubbish.

Flytipped rubbish is rubbish which is illegally left on our estates. It costs us a lot of money to remove it – money that we could use on services.

We know that the majority of our residents don’t flytip and that rubbish is often dumped by people not living on our estates.

Since we installed extra CCTV in Whitleigh, we’ve seen an increase in the number of people who’ve been caught flytipping.

We’ve now got cameras in and around Whitleigh Green, following requests for them from residents.

The cameras – paid for by ourselves and Plymouth City Council – have been helpful in catching flytippers.

Kristina Browning, Whitleigh Housing Officer, said: “We had one ex-resident who came to empty his garage but only took the items he wanted and left the remainder behind – we recharged him and referred him to the city council for a fixed penalty notice.

“There was another case where a van came and dumped a load of items – again we passed this on to the city council with vehicle details. Another person was spotted throwing a mattress off a balcony.

“The CCTV is providing us with evidence which we can use. The city council is proactive in taking action when we have good evidence from the CCTV.”

We don’t just rely on CCTV to capture flytippers. We act on information from members of the public, as Assistant Housing Officer Kerry Rowe explains: “I kept getting reports of building materials flytipped. It had some packaging left on it.

“I traced it back to an organisation and they traced it back to a contractor doing a flooring job. I contacted him – he tried to say it was someone who subcontracted for him.

“I contacted the city council with all the info and they ending up cautioning him. “

Report anyone you see flytipping by calling 0808 230 6500.