Caring Plymouth schoolboy remembers less fortunate at Christmas

A primary school pupil who’s just five has smashed his target to raise money for sick kids at Derriford Hospital.

Alfie Kempe, who lives with his mum Kitty at our Porsham Heights scheme in Southway, originally wanted to raise £100 for children in hospital over Christmas.

However, he’s now managed to raise more than £400, which will go towards the children’s wards.

The fundraising idea was all Alfie’s following a spell he had in hospital a couple of years ago.

Student nurse Kitty said: “Alfie had pneumonia and was fortunate enough to bounce back but it was hard enough, let alone at Christmas which is such a special time. We count our blessings. 

“He understands how lucky he is and unfortunately that not everyone is as lucky as him. He wanted to get presents but I contacted the ward to ask if they’d like gifts or funds and they said funds so they can get activities in place for the children and families.

“I’m sure we can all appreciate that we cannot imagine having Christmas in hospital with our kids.

“I’m so proud of him. It’s amazing when the target was £100.”

 If you would like to donate, go to:

Pics: Penny Cross at Plymouth Live