Cash incentive scheme - an update

When we transferred from the council we paid £150 to tenants who left their home in a good condition and handed in their keys on time.

This was then reduced to £50 last year, as agreed by our Customer Focus Committee.

The Committee has now agreed to end the scheme completely.

Keith Gaydon, Repairs Manager, said: “It was costing us more to administer the scheme than it was worth and there were no real improvements in the properties coming back.

“We also spoke to other housing associations and discovered that not many others run similar schemes.

“Departing tenants still have an incentive to leave their property in good condition – if it’s not up to a good standard, they will be charged by us.

“If this isn’t paid to us, they will have a debt on their record which means they won’t be allowed to rent another PCH home again.”

Withdrawing the scheme will save us around £5,000 a year.

To help with getting properties turned around as quickly as possible for the next tenants, we expect the outgoing tenant to allow us access to their home carry out an inspection before they leave.

This allows us to plan any works in advance, ensure that keys and utility cards are returned in good time and guarantee the home is clean and free of belongings once vacated.

The quicker an empty home is ‘turned around’ the quicker new tenants can move in.

With the reduction of the cash incentive from £150 to £50, there was no noticeable difference in the amount of tenants allowing us access.