Castle Street's communal garden transformation

The residents of Castle Street in Lambhay have picked up their trowels, donned their wellies and given their communal garden space a make-over. 

Featuring a herb garden, colourful hanging baskets, bright potted plants, large established trees and picnic tables, the garden has been totally transformed in a short space of time.

Paid for through a combination of funding from the local council, donations of gardening vouchers and contributions of unwanted plants from other areas, the garden project was spearheaded by Mike Metters, chair of the New Residents Association. Mike said “It’s great to see the garden bloom, the plants really make it look bright.”

Marissa Maloney, Housing Officer for the Barbican said “I have felt the residents now enjoy spending more time in the areas they have created. The residents have grouped together and can now look at their communal areas with pride, knowing that their hard work has paid off and is now blossoming.”

“Nikki Bickford (Assistant Housing Officer) and I are very pleased to assist where we can and we encourage residents to look at options like this for their communal areas.”.

The residents plan to enter next year’s ‘Plymouth in Bloom’ event and are looking forward to planting more flowers and herbs over the coming months.