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Celebrating our apprentices for National Apprentice Week

We work hard to make sure they have the right help and support to gain their qualifications and they don’t half make us proud!

It’s National Apprentice Week and we thought we’d start the week off by celebrating some of the people who make us proud to work for PCH, so let’s hear from them! 

Jessi Martins, Apprentice Repairs Assistant: “I am proud to be an apprentice for Plymouth Community Homes completing my Level 2 and 3 in Business Administration. From day one my knowledge and confidence has grown tremendously. Working from home has been both challenging and rewarding. As a Repairs Assistant, I have had the wonderful opportunity to work in different departments including the Plumbing Team, Day-to-Day Repairs Team and the Gas Team. I won’t tell you which one is my favourite…

“I have met some amazing people and I am looking forward to continuing my journey with PCH.”

Mason Hughes, Apprentice Gas Servicing and Breakdown Engineer: “I’ve really enjoyed my apprenticeship, which has made it absolutely fly by. Everyone in the gas team, the management and engineers have been very helpful along the way. Balancing work life with academic work hasn’t been too bad, I’ve been allocated time to make sure I’m up-to-date with everything which makes it a lot easier. I went for the role at PCH as I wanted a trade behind me. I knew people who worked here who said it was a good opportunity. There is definitely job satisfaction working for a Housing Association especially in the winter months helping people in need keep warm and safe with the breakdowns and annual gas checks we do.”

Annabel Drinkald, Apprentice HR Administrator: “Working for PCH is very different from anywhere that I have worked before; but in a good way! I really think that PCH values its people, which is something I haven’t seen in my working life. Given that I started on the 2 March and then whole world went into a lockdown, it definitely hasn’t been the “normal” work environment I thought that it would be. That being said, I think PCH have been great throughout. Even when I was furloughed, my manager called to check that everything was ok and if I needed anything which was nice to know that I was still being thought about.

“I chose to go into HR as I had spent a good few years being a Hotel Receptionist. I really enjoyed it as I loved speaking to all the different guest and getting to know the regulars. I then moved onto being a Receptionist for a Wealth Management and Accountancy Firm which was when I really realised that it lacked the challenge I was after. So I thought that HR would be a great place for me. It still involved talking to lots of different people and getting to know them, but also had the background work and knowledge I was after. I looked for ages for a HR job that would be good for someone without any previous knowledge and after what seemed like month of looking, I found this apprenticeship. I am so glad I did! It gives me the opportunity to gain experience, not only from the college course I attend, but also from a super knowledgeable team! And even better that I get two qualifications at the end of it! Knowing what PCH does within the community is amazing. I hope to stay on working for PCH once my apprenticeship ends and seeing more of what a difference it will make in Plymouth.”

Chris Bridgeman, Apprentice Administrator:

 “I went for the role as I wanted to feel like I was giving back to the community I grew up in. I wanted to make a career out of my knowledge of computers so I figured it would be in my best interest to apply for the position. I feel proud of the fact I’ve been able to offer support to the people of the city during a difficult time for everyone. I especially enjoyed working with the rest of my team on the Christmas in a Box Project as it gave me a chance to directly see the impact of my team’s work in giving back to the community.”

#NationalApprenticeshipWeek #DoTheRightThing