We welcome new Vice Chair to our Board

Our new Vice Chair of the Board is keen to ensure her fellow tenants know the value in being a Board member.

Debbie Roche has taken over from Katie McBride, who has stepped down from the role after nearly two years.

Debbie sees her new role as a chance to encourage other tenants to consider joining the Board.

She said: “This is an opportunity not only to evidence to the social housing sector that tenants can be effective Board members, but also to demonstrate PCH’s commitment to having tenants on the Board. It’s sad that so many housing associations don’t see the value in having tenants on Boards.

“I would encourage anyone to seize the opportunity to become a Board member. It’s a rewarding, meaningful and fulfilling role.

“It’s so much more than making major decisions. The Board works as a team, benefiting from each other’s skills and experience. A tenant’s voice and experience adds a valuable and unique dimension. I’ve gained valuable insight into how our homes are cared for, legally protected and valued.”

There are also a few issues which are close to Debbie’s heart which she hopes to shine a light on during her tenure, as she adds.

“I do hope to be out in the community more representing the organisation. I do have specific interests, such as mental health and addressing abuse in the home, so I am always ready to support the work of PCH, in any capacity, on such important issues.

“PCH is a great organisation with a great social heart and it is evident that tenants are at the core of the business. Our staff do fantastic work across all areas of the business and, even though all housing associations constantly face challenges, PCH works consistently towards finding creative solutions. I believe it’s right and important for PCH to be recognised nationally for this.

“I’m currently Vice Chair of the National Housing Federation’s Board Members National Group and have also represented PCH at a number of national events. I aim to continue this work in my capacity as Vice Chair and keep raising the flag for PCH.”