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Elf & Safety - Prevent a house fire over the holidays

Tis’ the season to be cautious! The chance of the average home having a house fire is much higher during the Christmas holiday than the rest of the year. 
Candles, open fires, cooking, smoking, decorations and drinking all play their part in increasing the likelihood of a blaze. 
This is why it’s important to read these fire-safety tips for a safe and pleasant festive period. 
·       Keep your tree away from heat: Whether you’ve gone for plastic, or real a tree, Christmas lights can raise your trees' temperature. This is why it’s really important not to place it too close to a heat source such as a fire or radiator.
·       Water your tree: Real trees will stay greener for longer if you water them. But another upside is that greenery tends not to burn as easily as a dried-out tree. Purchase a stand that allows you to water your tree and top up the water regularly. Be careful of electric wires while doing this.
·       Be sensible with extension leads: Don’t put too many plugs in one socket! Overloading a plug socket can cause it to dramatically heat up. 
·       Use LED lights: Most lights you now see for sale are energy-efficient LEDs. These use a lot less energy and don’t reach high temperatures, unlike some of the lights you may have in your loft. LED’s will also save on the electricity bill too.
·       Turn lights off at night: Save yourself some money and give the lights a break when you’re out or asleep. 
Christmas dinner
·       It’s all about the prep”, as Gordon Ramsay says. . . Rather than being rushed off your feet, try cooking some of your veg the night before and reheat the next day. This will reduce your chances of having an accident - and your stress levels.
·       Turn off your hair straighteners! 
·       Be careful with portable heaters: Mobile heaters which use fans or intense light can be dangerous. Make sure you give your heater plenty of space to operate and don’t have any objects too close.
·       Take care with candles: It’s so important to keep candles away from any objects. Please also ensure your candle is in a stable place. 
·       Put your cigarettes out!
Repairs will continue as normal and PCH staff will wear facemasks if they enter your home for the foreseeable future.
For some helpful pointers on fixing some of the things around your home, then visit our handy repairs guides on our website.