Clearer adverts about our homes for rent

We’ve been asking tenants what they think of our adverts for homes to let.

When we have an empty home, it’s advertised on Devon Home Choice where interested applicants can view properties and bid for them.

We found that the right people weren’t always applying for the right homes. They didn’t always understand the wording in some of the adverts and ended up bidding for homes that weren’t suitable for them.

We organised a couple of consultation events so that tenants could read through some sample adverts and give us their feedback on their wording and presentation.

Some of the residents’ recommendations included: 

  • Displaying more photos and floorplans
  • Adding links to our website and other useful documents (for example our Pets Policy)
  • Cutting out jargon and technical wording

Camels Head resident Gaynor Southerton attended one of the focus groups. She said: “I’m passionate about helping to influence change. I love being involved. It’s so important that PCH sees the tenant perspective. Not everybody reads things the same way.”

Jill Palmer, Resident Co-ordinator, led the workshops. She said: “The focus groups were really useful and I’d like to thank all residents who took part.

“We will let you know about the changes we can make and for those ideas where Devon Home Choice manage the website we will forward recommendations to them.”

Pictured are two attendees at one of the consultation events