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Coronavirus Update - Friday 24 December 2021

We hope you have a fantastic and safe Christmas break.
The Prime Minister has said that although there will be no new restrictions before Christmas, there could be changes to the rules soon after. So, please keep up to date with the latest guidance, as changes are expected soon after the big day.
Click here for the latest rules from the Government.
Remember, if you have any symptoms, you must get tested.  
Click here for a free Covid-19 test.
Libraries across the city are now also dispensing testing kits. Click here to find your nearest library and its opening hours.
A booster vaccine dose is now being offered to all adults who are eligible. Click here to book your booster jab.
If you haven’t been vaccinated at all, you can still find your nearest pop-up vaccination clinic by clicking here.
Keep the air flowing
It’s important to allow some ventilation while indoors to stop the spread of Covid-19. 
If you have guests over, or if you're visiting friends or family, leaving a window slightly open can make a big difference in reducing the spread.
Even opening the windows for short periods of time will allow fresh air to circulate. 
If you let fresh air in when inside, you can reduce the risk of infection by 70 percent.
Let fresh air in if you meet people indoors, especially if it's people you don’t regularly meet. 
Avoid a house fire this Christmas 
Every year there is an increase in house fires due to cooking, decorations and smoking. 
This can easily be avoided!
Click here to for some simple tips on how to avoid a blaze breaking out.
Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year from everyone at PCH.