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Coronavirus Update - Friday 25 February 2022

We know it’s been a very eventful week but please take a few moments to familiarise yourselves with the latest changes to coronavirus restrictions.

Strictly speaking, all of the usual rules and restrictions have been lifted as of yesterday but residents are urged to remain cautious.

Living with coronavirus is now the Government’s strategy as the role to prevent the spread of the disease shifts from laws and restrictions, to personal and collective responsibility. 


What does “living with Covid-19” mean?

The virus is still out there, it can still infect people and it will continue to put vulnerable people at risk of sickness and death. 

But as of yesterday, you are no longer legally required to self-isolate if you test positive for Covid-19. However, staying at home if you test positive will continue for most people as the NHS recommends. 

So although you are not compelled to by law, many will continue to self-isolate if they are infectious. As with winter bugs like the flu, there is an expectation that citizens do their best to control the spread where possible.

Free LFT test kits will come to an end in April. At this point it is expected that pharmacies will begin to charge for the home-testing kits, although they will remain free of charge until then.

The Test and Trace Support Payment Scheme has now come to an end. But if you were told to self-isolate before 24 February you can still make a claim up to 6 April if you are eligible. 




Face masks

Whether you wear a face covering or not is now a personal choice. Public Health England still advises wearing one while indoors in crowded areas.

Face masks are no longer required in schools.  

PCH staff will ask if you would like them to wear a mask when visiting a property.


Different rules for sheltered housing

Some of our residents who live with support are especially vulnerable to coronavirus. This is why Public Health England have set different rules for residents in our sheltered housing schemes. 

Masks will continue to be worn in communal areas. Staff will also continue measures such as deep cleans and closing lounges in the event of outbreaks. 

If you live in a PCH sheltered housing scheme and have any queries about this, please contact your Housing with Support Officer. 



The UK’s vaccination drive is considered to have been our best weapon against the virus and avoiding future lockdowns. 

Regardless of the lifting of restrictions, all adults are still eligible for a booster jab which you can book by Clicking here.

If you haven’t been vaccinated at all, you can still find your nearest pop-up vaccination clinic by clicking here.

In other news. . . 


Rents and service charges 

PCH residents get great value for money for their rents and service charges. The majority of our rents are at least 40 percent lower than it would be to rent the same property from a private landlord.

Every year we assess how much our rents and charges will be. As with many services we will be increasing our rents and service charges for most residents. 

The majority of tenants will see a 4.1 percent increase in rent this year. You are also very likely to see an increase your service charge this year if you pay one.

This video can explain all you need to know about rents, and how we go about setting our rates. And this video can give you all the information you need on service charges. 

For more information on rents and service charges, please click here.