Coronavirus update - Thursday 21 May 2020

We have brought back some of our services this week as our staff are busy trying to get back to some kind of normal.

We’ve looked at all the new Government advice so we can take precautions and bring more services back in a way that is safe for residents and staff.

We will share our plans with you over the next few weeks.

House sales

As part of the Government’s plans to get the housing market started again, one of the major services we are resuming is our SO Living team who will be able to carry out virtual viewings and continue to sell our homes on our new estates. We will be observing all safety rules enabling buyers to move safely during the process.    

PCH Board

The first fully virtual PCH board meeting was held on Tuesday evening with Board members tuning in from their own homes across the city. The meetings gave Board members updates on how PCH is handling the crisis and supporting our residents and staff during this time.  

Construction sites

Following Government advice our contractors are looking to get their workers safely back to work on our sites. Over the next few weeks, residents living in a property that is being worked on will receive a letter to say when work will restart and be given advice on how we are going to work safely for residents and staff.

Minimising risks

As people gradually return to work, there are some extra general safety measures that we will be following including:

  • Limiting contact with residents and other staff.
  • Using the same teams where work needs to be carried out by more than one person.
  • Providing staff with suitable protective equipment to be able to carry out their jobs safely.
  • We will be asking our staff to observe 2 metre social distancing with residents where possible.
  • We will ask you if you or anyone in your home is suffering from Covid-19 symptoms before we arrive
  • When a repair is being carried out at your home it is advisable to move to a different room and allow our operatives to complete the repair.   

We’ve signed up for essential worker Covid testing

As we take steps to get people back to work and more people in the city will be venturing out, it’s really important that anyone with symptoms of the Coronavirus has access to fast and efficient testing so that we continue to protect our residents, staff and contractors.

We’ve successfully signed up to the city’s NHS testing scheme for essential workers which means our staff will have access to Covid-19 testing to reassure you they are safe and well whilst carrying out their work.

Services already happening

Emergency Repairs

We continue to provide emergency repairs to residents. These can be reported on 0808 230 6500.

If your repair is not an emergency, please take a look at one of our video repair guides.  

Reporting anti-social behaviour

We’re working with police teams on reports of anti-social behaviour which you can report to us on 0808 230 6500 or 0800 0287377(out of hours).  


Laundries will remain open so residents can do their washing. Please remember to stay at least 2 metres away from other people while using the laundries.

Rent and finances

We are committed to making sure that we can help you so it’s important to contact us as soon as possible if you have any money worries. We’d like to reassure our residents that we will not evict anyone due to a loss of income as a result of coronavirus. Call us on 0808 230 6500.


Plymouth City Council have opened Chelson Meadow recycling centre this week for essential use.

You can report fly-tipping to us on 0808 230 6500.

Please be aware that our Rangers are currently dealing with fly-tipping that is causing a fire risk or concern but normal service will resume during next week.

Devon HomeChoice

We are not actively advertising our homes on Devon HomeChoice – instead we are working with our partners at Plymouth City Council to house homeless people in our empty homes.

Sheltered housing schemes

It is particularly important that we limit the potential spread of coronavirus in our sheltered housing schemes, as it is more likely people living there will fall into one of the vulnerable groups highlighted by Government.

  • We’d ask people with relatives in our sheltered housing schemes not to visit unless providing essential care or support.
  • Our staff will only visit in person when there is an emergency or essential action needed.
  • Our staff will be staying in contact with residents by phone or video call wherever possible.
  • Our staff will follow safely and hygiene precautions in line with Government guidance.

Contacting us

Please be assured that we will continue to do whatever we can to support our residents, especially those who are old or vulnerable.

You can use our self-service portal MyPCH to check your rent balance, get in touch and update your contact details.

We’d also encourage residents to stay up-to-date with the latest PCH news by following us on Facebook and Twitter.

If things are getting too much, don’t suffer in silence. You can contact the National Domestic Abuse Helpline on 0808 200 0247 or the Plymouth Domestic Abuse Service on 0800 458 2558. There’s also information here.

To sum up, the coming weeks will be filled with more change and challenge. We are thankful of the supportive response we’ve had from our residents as we’ve worked to keep essential services online to support you and the city.

As always, your safety and that of our staff and contractors will be foremost in our minds when we’re making decisions about how to restore our services.

Thank you for your continued patience, and stay safe.