CSCS students help give Leigham Community Hall a makeover

There was a sense of community when Janner Men’s Shed and students from Cornwall College on a CSCS training joined together to improve the Leighham Community Hall.

Those who had accessed PCH’s Learn for Free training programme and students from Cornwall College completed a two-week CSCS course. They used the practical skills gained to test themselves with some on-the-job work to improve the community hall as part of their practical assessment.

Students worked to fix one of the old windows, a fire door and construct a wall by the boiler room. The next CSCS course will continue the work started by this cohort of student.

PCH’s Ashleigh Knowles said: “We’re delighted that our Learn for Free programme could include access to a CSCS course.

“It’s one of the first steps towards getting work in the construction industry and students who have it on their CV will look more attractive to potential employees.”

Stephen Maunder Head of Business Development at the Work Skills Training Academy, Cornwall College, said: “As part of our commitment to help people into work, we are proud to support projects like the PCH CSCS programme which provides the perfect platform for learners to develop skills and access training opportunities which will support them to enter into and sustain employment.”

Communities Worker at PCH Ryan Hughes, who manages Janner Men’s Shed said: “The Leigham Community Hall has been hub for a lot of our Men’s Shed activity but needs quite a bit of work in places.

“The space has so much potential and having the CSCS student come in and use their practical skills has benefited both us and them, which is perfect.

“With so much to do on the hall the students were really able to get their hands stuck in with applying the practical skills they have learnt on the course. I’m looking forward to the next group coming in to finish off the job.”