Customer satisfaction survey results

You’re more satisfied with the services you receive from us now than two years ago, according to our 2018 Customer Satisfaction Survey results.

Our survey revealed 91.2% of residents are happy with our services, slightly higher than the 2016 figures (90.51%).

The 2018 Star Survey found that 89.6% of residents are satisfied with our repairs and maintenance service. The results have improved continuously since 2011 – proof of the high level of customer service standards we try to deliver to you.

The figures also showed nearly a quarter of residents felt the look and feel of their neighbourhood had improved. The area where residents felt this most was North Prospect – a clear sign that our regeneration is improving the environment, making it safer by strengthening communities.

Satisfaction levels remain very high in all areas of performance, but the survey did find a few areas where it has fallen. Fewer residents are happy with their neighbourhood as a place to live (3% lower). Getting hold of the right person has fallen by 5% and not as many residents find staff helpful (2% lower).

You weren’t as satisfied with our advice on managing finances (3% lower) or our support in relation to health and wellbeing (4% lower). The quality of the home level of satisfaction has fallen too (1% lower).

The main concerns you highlighted with the quality of homes are to do with concerns about damp, drainage, water and leaks. Others also complained about outdated windows, doors, bathrooms and kitchens and some of you felt we did not carry out repairs or maintenance work effectively.  

Some of you were unhappy with lack of maintenance, litter and dog mess, problems with neighbours and drug and alcohol issues.

Some survey respondents also had trouble getting hold of the right person. We know how frustrating this can be so we’ll be taking on board your concerns about response times and improved communication.

Despite this, almost two thirds of residents are very loyal and happy to promote PCH to friends and family (63.4%) – this figure is 6.8% higher than two years ago.

John Clark, PCH Chief Executive, said: “I’d like to thank everyone who took the time to complete this survey. Your views are incredibly important to us as we use your feedback to review and improve our services. It’s also reassuring to know that the majority of people would recommend PCH to friends and family. Your satisfaction in key areas is testament to the hard work we’ve done to make PCH a landlord of choice.

“We aim to provide good quality, affordable homes and services and when you say we’re not doing this, we’ll look at how we can improve. Over the coming months, we’ll be working with you and our staff to examine current practices and see how we can make them better.

“We’ll also be sharing these results with other organisations – for example the city council – to see how we can address issues like street cleaning, parking and non-housing related anti-social behaviour.”

We carried out the postal survey in May and June, receiving 1,907 responses from the 4,000 questionnaires we randomly sent out to general needs and housing with support tenants. We also carried out follow up phone interviews to find out why people were dissatisfied.