Don't feel guilty about that bacon bap and coffee

If you shop in the right place you could do someone in need a favour at the same time.

Lesley Bunce, owner of the Oggy Oggy Pasty Company in Armada Way and Plympton’s Ridgeway, has been doing her bit to help the homeless.

Customers visiting Lesley’s city centre branch can buy vouchers, which Lesley will then give to the Shekinah Mission for them to distribute to homeless people.

She’s put signs at the counter and around the shop so customers are aware of the offer.

The vouchers are for a bacon roll and hot drink at the shop and are an alternative to giving loose change to homeless people.

PCH leaseholder Lesley said: “I started it around Christmas 2018. I was seeing more and more homeless people every day. It’s something I do all year round. It’s constant – even in summer.

“I do a deal where people can spend £1.99 on a voucher which entitles the recipient to a bacon bap and a hot coffee.”

Lesley has sold 4,000 vouchers in the past year, at a value of around £8,000.