Don't get bored waiting for your washing to finish - pick up a paperback!

Susan Hurst gets stuck in to a book while she does her laundry.

Susan, of West Park, was the first user of our new Laundry Library, which we’re setting up in all laundries on our estates.

We’ll be supplying a range of good condition, second hand books for residents to read.

They can take a book away with them and, if they have one, leave one so that others can enjoy it.

Our Housing team will also be restocking the laundries regularly and our Re-Use Centre is providing the bookcases and chairs.

The idea came from Housing Officer Nicky Blackwell, who originally heard about it on a podcast.

She said: “The idea is to try and make these communal laundry spaces more welcoming and community friendly and promote reading.

“We’re aiming to get a range of different books in the libraries, including books for kids, so there should be something for everyone.”

Susan said: “I’m not a big reader but I might start. I’d read true life stories. My husband likes reading but he doesn’t like coming down here when all the women are doing their washing! This might encourage him. 

“You have to wait an hour for your washing so it could give people something to do.”

The Laundry Libraries launched in West Park today – World Book Day – and will be rolled out across the city over the coming weeks.