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Fire Door Safety Week 2021

As a responsible social landlord, we’re supporting the campaign to raise awareness of fire door safety and the role they play in saving lives and protecting homes.

Fire Door Safety Week runs for a week and is supported by different organisations and businesses across the country. Fire doors aren’t just in high-rise buildings, but any type of building you can think of – from care homes to hospitals, to schools and social housing. 

A fire door isn’t just a thicker than normal door, but a door built to exact specifications to pass certification standards.

A fired door ensures that should a fire break out, it can be contained in a compartment, which will keep fire and smoke trapped for longer allowing people time to get out of the building and making the fire easier to tackle – but it won’t do this if damaged or left open, so it is important as a social landlord to check our fire doors regularly.

Where PCH provide a fire door, they are certified to provide a minimum of 30 minutes protection from fire. With over 5,000 fire doors installed in our properties, it is important that we regularly check and maintain the doors in all our buildings with well-trained staff.

It is everyone’s responsibility to keep fire doors in communal areas closed, and not wedged open and if you see a fire door that you believe is damaged, to report it to us immediately.

We know that fire doors are so crucial in   maintaining the fire safety of a building that we invest significant time, funds and resources to ensure that they are kept in good condition, including:

  • Replacing the fire doors to our flats over the last 10 years and replacing damaged or faulty doors at £2,500 each.
  • We regularly check all our flat front doors, to make sure they have working closers and will stop smoke, heat, and flames.
  • We have 3 BM Trada Q Mark certified Fire Door Installer and Maintainers to complete repairs to our existing doors and install new doors.
  • We employ an expert to survey our communal doors, making sure all the communal doors are in good condition. This is especially important in the seven sheltered schemes we have across the city, housing some of our most vulnerable residents.
  • We only employ contractors that have suitable qualifications and competencies when we need fire door works to be completed by outside contractors.