Fire Kills campaign

How aware are you of everyday fire risks in your home? You may not be as safe as you think, but the Fire Service is offering home safety visits for your peace of mind.

A fire can start in any room.

We’re working with the Fire Service to bring the national campaign Fire Kills to our customers – we need to raise awareness of the importance of having a smoke alarms and to check the batteries regularly.

Devon and Somerset Fire Rescue Service are offering free home safety visits to give you peace of mind and find any fire risks in your home. Find out more and make a request for your home safety visit now.

As part of the national campaign we’re looking at the safety of people in blocks of flats and how they can stay safe. Keeping stairwells clean and clear of obstructions is important as in an emergency this is one of your main escape routes.

  • Test your smoke alarms monthly
  • Never disconnect or take the batteries out of your alarm if it goes off by mistake
  • Longer life batteries for your smoke alarm are best
  • Test your alarms by pressing the button until the alarm sounds, if it doesn’t sound then you need to replace the battery
  • Fire blankets kept in the kitchen will help put out a fire or wrap a person whose clothes are on fire
  • Heat alarms can detect fires in kitchens where smoke alarms should not be placed

We’ll be bringing you safety tips for each room in your home over the next few weeks. If you have any questions then feel free to email us.